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Tap Repair Tap Installation Kildare By 24 Hour Plumber Covering Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip and Naas

We Carry Spares For Every Common Tap And Uncommon Bath Tap Repair And Installation

We’ve never met a bath tap that we couldn’t repair or replace on the spot. When we arrive at your address, we will have spares for every common and uncommon bath tap repair with us. Meaning we can get the job done quicker, giving you more time for a relaxing soak in the tub.

Bathroom Mixer Taps Repair And Installation

Bathroom mixer taps are popular choices for bathroom sinks and baths. After years of use, mixer taps start to show symptoms of wear. If your bathroom mixer taps are showing any of these signs, they may need repairing or replacing:

For repair and installation of bathroom mixer taps, get in touch with us at 24 Hour Plumber Kildare.

Bath Shower Mixer Tap Repair And Installation

Bath shower mixer taps are useful for homes that want versatility without installing an electric shower. There is a bathroom shower mixer tap to suit every bathroom available in a vast variety of styles and finishes.

We can help you choose the right bathroom shower mixer tap for your new bathroom when remodelling. We’re happy to advise as well as carry out any necessary repairs and instalments.

Freestanding Bath Tap Repair And Installation

Freestanding bath taps are plumbed directly to the pipes beneath the bathroom floor. These sophisticated looking taps are ideal for anyone with a feature bath which generally has no tap holes.

When properly installed, they are a sturdy stylish option for your bathroom. Like regular taps, freestanding bath taps can become loose or start to leak with time and use. If you have a loose or leaking freestanding bath tap, call us at 24 Hour Plumber.

Replacing Bath Taps With Shower Mixer

Replacing standard hot and cold pillar bath taps with a shower mixer is a routine call-out for our plumbing team. Shower mixer taps are designed to fit over the fittings created for pillar taps, making swapping them simpler. 

When buying a shower mixer, consider whether you want the showerhead to be fitted to the wall or not. Most shower mixers have a vertical or horizontal cradle next to the taps for the showerhead too. We would be happy to advise on shower mixers’ suitability for your bathroom; call us anytime for advice.

Shower Tap Repair And Installation

Shower taps come in all kinds of styles. In recent years however we have noticed a trend for concealed shower taps in new builds around Leixlip and Celbridge. These sleek modern shower taps sit on a chrome panel flush to the wall.

If you hear a rattling sound from this kind of shower, then there is a possibility that the fittings have become loose. To have them checked or to install a concealed shower tap (or any type of shower tap), call our team on 045 579 047.

Wall Or Floor Mounted Taps Repair And Installation

Whether you have taps mounted on the wall or the floor, you can rely on our team of experienced plumbers for help. We help hundreds of Kildare homes every week by installing new wall and floor mounted taps and repairing old ones.

Washbasin Tap Repair And Installation

Signs that a washbasin tap needs repairing or replacing include water pooling around the bottom of the faucet and tight handles. Sometimes, the repair is as simple as replacing a washer or seal. Other times, a new tap is more economical.

At 24 Hour Plumber Kildare, we can advise you on any kind of washbasin tap issues. Our qualified plumbing team will always explain what’s needed and help you make an informed decision about installations and repairs.

Monobloc Tap Repair And Installation

Monobloc taps have a single spout and are used in both kitchens and bathrooms. A typical repair needed for this tap type is for leaks at the spout base. Leaks can be caused by damage to the tap parts and also parts becoming loose over time.

Installing a monobloc tap in place of pillar taps or a two-pillar mixer is possible. A new central hole will need to be created. The existing holes can be discreetly hidden using tap hole stoppers.

Traditional Pillar Taps Repair And Installation

Repair of traditional pillar taps is usually needed because the tap handle has become either loose or tight. In many cases, a new washer will suffice. If a pillar tap needs replacing, there are styles to suit all budgets.

In newly decorated bathrooms, we believe that installing new taps is the perfect finishing touch. A new pair of pillar taps can make your bathroom look brand new.

Kitchen Deck Mounted Tap Repair And Installation

Modern kitchen designs increasingly have the sink situated on a kitchen island. Typically, this kind of kitchen design includes deck mounted taps. Popular tap styles for deck mounted kitchen taps include 360-degree faucets and boiling water taps.

For repair and installation of kitchen deck mounted taps, call 24 Hour Plumber Kildare on 045 579 047.

Kitchen Mixer Tap Repair

Most Kildare homes nowadays have a kitchen tap mixer rather than the traditional pillar taps. When repairing a kitchen tap mixer, ensure that the water supply is turned off first to prevent damage. Remove the neck and water controls and check for damage. 

Water leaking from the base may be an indication that the seal ring has disintegrated. Alternatively, it could be an issue with the fitting or with the cartridge within the mixer tap.

Kitchen Mixer Tap Repair And Installation

We have local plumbers from Leixlip to Naas and everywhere in between. If you require a kitchen mixer tap repairing or installing, get in touch, and we will call out at your convenience. 

Kitchen Tap Installation

Whether you are fitting a brand new kitchen or updating your plumbing accessories, we can help with kitchen tap installation. 24 Hour Plumber can offer a range of tap options and are happy to advise which is best for your kitchen needs.

Installation of kitchen taps is a relatively fast job that our certified plumbers can complete in a matter of one or two hours. 

Kitchen Tap Repair

When you have an issue with your kitchen taps, don’t hesitate to call on 24 Hour Plumber for assistance. 

Regular kitchen tap issues that we repair include:

Dripping Tap Repair

Dripping tap repair is a daily task in the like of a 24 Hour Plumber. The sound of a dripping tap can be irritating for homeowners. However, dripping faucets can also cause damage if they start to leak onto surfaces or the floor. Watch out for small pools of water around the base of the ap of below the sink itself.

Tap Repair

Whether you need  a kitchen tap, bathroom tap, ensuite, shower or bath tap repairing, 24 Hour Plumber is available near you. For tap repair, call 24 Hour Plumber Kildare on 045 579 047.

Instant Boiling Water Tap Repair And Installation

More and more customers are asking 24 Hour Plumber to install instant boiling water taps in their kitchens. These taps are useful for cleaning and cooking and have been popular in the UK and the USA for some time. 

Homes in Ireland with existing instant boiling water taps should look out for the mount fitting becoming loose and changes to water temperature. Both are a sign that repair is required and are relatively common after several years of use. Regular home maintenance will prevent the need for repairing or replacing your instant boiling water tap.

Garden Tap Installation

A water tap in the garden is convenient for any home and used to be installed as standard. Many newer homes in Kildare don’t come with garden taps anymore. However, as a nation of green-fingered garden lovers, homeowners in Ireland regularly have garden taps installed.

A tap in the garden means there is less mud trudged into the kitchen, and they are very convenient for outdoor activities such as:

Outside Tap Installation

To book an experienced plumber to install an outdoor tap for your home, contact 24 Hour Plumber Kildare on 045 579 047 or complete our contact form to arrange a plumber to call out at a time that is convenient for you.