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24 hour plumber Kildare is owned and operated by Trevor Stronge who is a qualified plumber with over 17 years of experience and has been voted top rated plumber by google users. We cover the whole county of kildare. We pride ourselves on our customer service, we use state of the art job management software to make sure all of our jobs are managed and delivered on time with the highest quality assurance. We offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have a no hidden fees policy, so our customers will always know what service they will receive and for a fixed price.

Our company is fully insured and registered with all necessary bodies. We are RGI registered. 24 hour plumber services are operated throughout the county of Kildare. So if you’re in Maynooth, Celbridge, Leixlip or Naas or surrounding areas, we have a plumber on hand for you. We specialise in the repair and installation of all plumbing and heating systems.

We fix and repair and install toilets, taps, hot water cylinders, gas boilers, booster pumps, immersion heaters, cold water storage tanks just to list a few. So if you have a toilet slow to fill we can have that fixed for you within 24 hours. We do all the small plumbing jobs that all the plumbers don’t want to do. So if you’ve been putting off a plumbing or heating issue due to the fact you couldn’t find anyone we are here to help.



Emergency Plumbing


Booster Pumps

Power Flushing

Hot Water Cylinders

Immersion Heaters

Cold Water Storage Tanks


Our plumbers provide a top class tap repair, installation and replacement service.

Taps in the home mostly need replacing due to leaks, constant running or dripping taps, corrosion, washer issues, or broken tap heads. We can install any type of tap including the traditional pillar taps to mixer, deck mounted, free standing, wall or floor mounted taps. Choose from any style such as brass, nickel, stainless steel, or gold. 24 hour plumbers engineers are fully trained, certified and experienced to deliver a first class service.


24 hour plumber kildare are at hand to promptly deal with any blocked or broken toilet. Common toilet problems include a constantly running toilet, poor flush due to cistern not filling, frequent clogging, broken toilet seat, and leaking pipes. Our plumbing engineers take great pride in their work to provide a first class service.


At 24 hour plumber kildare our fully certified and experienced team are available to provide a fast response to any plumbing emergency within kildare. Emergencies such as burst and leaking pipes, blocked drains, and boiler breakdowns can cause serious damage to your home if not repaired promptly.


Our heating engineers are RGI gas registered. We will repair and diagnose any fault within your boiler. At 24 hour plumber kildare we always advise every customer to avail of a yearly service of your boiler. Servicing is important as your heating engineer will clean its parts, check its main components are working, check the gas pressure, and also to check for any corrosion or leaks. We also do a flue test to check for any unsafe emissions coming from your boiler.


24 hour plumber kildare will install or repair booster pumps in any home. You may need a booster pump if your home is experiencing low water pressure problems. This can cause major daily inconveniences such as low pressure in your shower or taking forever for a bath to fill. If your booster pump fails or develops a fault our engineers will competently repair the fault. Common issues include a leak, humming noise, a broken seal, or no power. Contact us to diagnose whether your pump needs to be repaired or replaced in your house or apartment.


Over time, your heating system can become sluggish, inefficient, and take longer to heat your home. This is usually due to a buildup of debris such as limescale, rust, sludge, and other materials. This buildup can be removed by carrying out a power flush in your heating system. Power flushing involves using a flushing machine which circulates water at a high pressure to purge any unwanted debris. This will leave your heating system running more efficiently and getting rid of any unwanted problems such as cold spots in your radiator or noisy sounds coming from your boiler.


Our 24 hour plumbers are fully trained and experienced to replace and install any type of hot water cylinder. If you find your hot water is getting used up in a short space of time or stored hot water becomes cold fast it may be time to consider getting a hot water cylinder. We can install any type of hot water cylinder or hot water tank such as a direct hot water cylinder, indirect hot water cylinder, solar hot water cylinders, and thermal store cylinders.


Our repair plumbers are experienced and fully trained to replace or repair an immersion heater element, timer switch, thermostat or any other fault associated with your immersion heater.  Signs of a fault with your immersion include water not heating sufficiently or at all, water overheating, or the timer burning out. All our plumbers are certified.


We replace all types of cold water storage tanks. We can move or install new plastic cold water storage tanks to replace your existing storage. We also replace old galvanised cold water storage tanks, so if your cold water attic tank is old or worn or needs to be replaced or relocated for house refurbishment or to just gain more space. We at 24 Hour Plumber are here to help throughout the county of Kildare and surrounds.

Contact Stronge Plumbing & Heating on (01) 5312220 or 085 855 6111 or go to our contact form to arrange a plumber to call out